Official color for the Aichi Triennale

Aichi Triennale sets up its official color each time to make you feel familiar to the festival.

For the first 2010, it was magenta (red), matching the festive theme of "Arts and Cities". The color indicates the cutting-edge artistry and uplifting feeling that the Triennale provides. Moreover, the high visibility in the town was taken into consideration.

Last time in 2013, it was cyanogen (blue). The color explicitly appeared in the theme/ concept set up by the artistic director, Taro Igarashi; " So that we can pick ourselves up and begin to walk, gazing up at blue skies."

And for the new and the third 2016, the official color will be determined as well, according to the theme/concept by the new artistic director expected to be appointed in summer. In the meantime, the color gray is temporarily used for our logo.

Now discover what color comes for the Aichi Triennale 2016!