Concerning the "reframing" of Koki Tanaka's exhibition (Announced on Aug 25)

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On August 13th, a number of Aichi Triennale 2019's international participants issued an open letter in regards to the closure of the "After 'Freedom of Expression?'" exhibition. On August 18th, Koki Tanaka joined as a signatory and requested permission to reframe his exhibited work, Abstracted / Family. Following consultations with the supervising curators and administrative office, the exhibition will be reframed from September 3rd in the following fashion:

Exhibition will be suspended as planned (the doors to the exhibition room will be partially closed, and it will not be possible to enter.)

1. At the exhibition room entrance, visitors will be given a letter that includes a link to the video screening inside the closed room. Koki Tanaka's artist notes, which constitute one portion of the work, will also be distributed.

2. The assemblies* scheduled as extension projects within the Triennale's performing arts program will be held as originally planned (from 7pm on September 7th at the Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art and from 4pm on September 21st at the Toyota Municipal Museum of Art.)

3. Additional assemblies will be held every Saturday during the exhibition period (September 14th and 28th, October 5th and 12th) from 2pm to 6pm. Participation details will be uploaded to the Aichi Triennale website by September 10th.

*The assemblies will be held as gatherings in the exhibition room. Participants will view the artwork as a group and discuss the issues it raises with the artist, the performers, and other guests.

The Aichi Triennale Organizing Committee takes Koki Tanaka's wishes seriously and respects his request. These assemblies will be treated as open forums to consider and discuss the issues of discrimination and exclusion raised in the artwork, as well as the current issues surrounding the Aichi Triennale.