• Born 1976 in Gunma, Japan
  • Based in Kanagawa, Japan

Through experimental video and performance works that mingle reality with fiction, Koizumi Meiro explores the relationships between the state/collective and the individual, and between the body and the emotions. Can an individual give up their life for their country and what they hold dear? Can murder ever be justified? Ultimate questions that arise from fissures in the fabric of history and daily life are addressed in interviews he conducts with Japanese veterans who were part of the special (suicidal) attack forces; former-soldiers who have committed assault or murder during their service; as well as United States veterans of the Iraq War—through this, Koizumi examines how violence and motivations for self-sacrifice transpire. His video works incorporate elements of theater that invite the viewer to experience the emotions of their subjects. By placing the audience in ambivalent positions—torn between reality and dreams, past and future, despair and redemption, love and hate, perpetrator and victim—Koizumi critically portrays a society in which no one is simply an onlooker.

Selected Works

Battlelands (solo), Pérez Art Museum Miami, Miami, USA
Today My Empire Sings (solo), Vacant, Tokyo, Japan
Trapped Voice Would Dream of Silence (solo), Arts Maebashi, Gunma, Japan
Project Series 99:Meiro Koizumi (solo), Museum of Modern Art, New York, USA
Aichi Triennale 2010, Aichi, Japan
  • Rite for a Dream (Today My Empire Sings), 2016, Today My Empire Sings, VACANT, Tokyo, Japan
  • Photo: Shizune Shiigi
  • Courtesy of the artist, Annet Gelink Gallery (Amsterdam) & MUJIN-TO Production, Tokyo (Japan)