Claudia Del Río

  • Born 1957 in Rosario, Argentina.
  • Based in Rosario, Argentina.

Claudia Del Río works at the intersection of art, poetry and education. While her artistic projects span a broad and multifaceted range, her underlying focus remains constant: the different ways in which art is tied to public happiness. Her vast body of work is informed by the tensions between the local and the global as well as national and gender identities and their potential for transformation. Originally trained as a painter, Del Ríoʼs interest in communication, connections and collective networks finds expression through performance, mail art and other related genres and scenes. At once political and humorous, her collages, drawings, embroidery works and photomontages address the effects of social imaginaries (e.g., consumerism, education, newspapers) on collective life. In 2002, her engagement with other artists, institutions and the public blossomed into her co-founding the Club del Dibujo (Drawing Club) as an ongoing venue for reflection and action. Claudia Del Río was invited as an Argentinian representative to the biennials of Salto (2014; Uruguay), Medellín (2013; Colombia), Mercosur (2012; Brazil) and Havana (1997; Cuba).

  • Corn Kids, 2015 Photo: Viviana Gil
  • Courtesy of Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires, Argentina