Delcy Morelos

  • Born 1967 in Córdoba, Colombia.
  • Based in Bogotá, Colombia.

During her childhood in Tierralta in northern Colombia, Delcy Morelos witnessed the horrible violence and oppression perpetrated as part of the drug war. Her paternal grandmother, an indigenous woman, taught Morelos how to tend to plants and soil. Morelosʼ work as an artist is characterized by her empathy, by her focus on the relationships between humans and their surroundings, and by her urgency to seek out the origins of violence. Morelosʼ installations involve the use of earth, honey, cinnamon and other primal materials, as well as motifs from ancestral cosmogonies and their conceptions of life and death. The artist regards her work, which integrate painting, sculpture and installation, as womb-like spaces that showcase the potency of the earth and its raw natural materials. Morelosʼ art has been presented at Röda Sten Konsthall (2018; Gothenburg, Sweden) and N-C arte (2018; Bogotá, Colombia). A new project will be exhibited at Dia Chelsea, New York during the fall of 2023.

  • Enie (“Earth” in Uitoto language), 2022
  • Photo: Ernesto Monsalve
  • Courtesy of the artist