Ishiguro Kenichi

  • Born 1986 in Kanagawa, Japan.
  • Based in Kyoto and in Shiga, Japan.

Ishiguro Kenichi creates sculptures and video works using region-specific events and conditions, such as historical subjects and materials, as a raw resource. Based on his interest in vanishing technologies and minerals, Ishiguroʼs installations facilitate new relations between objects that have not previously encountered each other.

His recent exhibitions include Light of My World, Former Ginrei Building (2021; Kyoto, Japan); Soft Territory, The Museum of Modern Art Shiga (2021; Shiga, Japan); Sustainable Sculpture, Komagome Soko (2021; Tokyo, Japan), and Hon no kirinuki (“A Clipping from a Book”), Zuiunan (2020; Kyoto, Japan).

In 2014, he co-founded the “Yamanaka Suplex,” which also functions as his studio space today, located on the border between the prefectures of Kyoto and Shiga.

  • The Island of Stone Money and My Sculpture, 2020
  • Photo: Nicholas Locke