Jacobus Capone

  • Born 1986 in Perth, Australia.
  • Based in Fremantle, Australia.

Jacobus Capone maintains a practice that incorporates performance, photography, video installation, painting and site-specific work. Characteristically poetic there is a holistic nature to his undertakings which increasingly attempt to integrate all action, however perceived by others, into the wholeness of one lived experience. In 2007, he traversed Australia by foot, in order to pour water from the Indian Ocean into the Pacific.

His work has been shown in a range of institutions both nationally and internationally including Taipei Fine Arts Museum (Taiwan), TerraWarra Museum of Art (Australia), Momentum Berlin (Germany), The Perth Institute of Contemporary Art (Australia), which housed his solo exhibition, Forgiving Night for Day as part of the 2017 Perth International Arts Festival. He has participated in numerous international festivals, fellowships, and residencies and is the recipient of the 2016 John Stringer Prize.

  • Forewarning, Act 2 (Sincerity & Symbiosis), 2019
  • Courtesy of the artist and Moore Contemporary