Kishimoto Sayako

  • Born 1939 in Aichi Prefecture, Japan. Died in 1988.
  • Based in Tokyo and Aichi Prefecture, Japan.

Having moved to Tokyo for university, Kishimoto Sayako joined the art collective Neo-Dada Organizers (Neo-Dada), formed in part by her former high-school seniors Akasegawa Genpei and Arakawa Shūsaku . Throughout the 1960s Kishimoto was a highly active figure in the avant-garde art scene. She moved back to Nagoya in 1979 and focused on creating large picture scrolls that proclaimed social change through love. In addition to painting, Kishimoto also staged numerous bold performances that expressed her unique world-view. Notably, these performances were not restricted to conventional art spaces but took place in public locations such as parks or on the streets. In 1988, Kishimoto Sayako passed away aged 49.

In recent years, her energetic artistic practice that spanned genres from painting to performance has been the subject of renewed attention.

  • Documentary Photography of KISHIMOTO Sayako’s performance, the Second Red Cat Revolution, 1980
  • Collection of Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art Photo: IRIYOSHI Monshiro