Majima Tastuo

“The Whole of Aichi featuring Three Heroes”

Focusing on three historic heroic warlords and military commanders from Aichi Prefecture, namely, Oda Nobunaga (1534-1582), Toyotomi Hideyoshi (1537-1598), and Tokugawa Ieyasu (1543-1616), who are all credited with unifying medieval Japan, this project will set out to create a mural. During the preparatory phase, we will meet with researchers, undertake fieldtrips, think and work together, and put our hands to work.

Majima Tastuo

  • Born 1970 in Tokyo, Japan.
  • Based in Shiga, Japan.

Recent major presentations include A Mountain and a Crowd (Taikan and Leni)/ Four Examinations (TPAM 2019 version), blanClass (2019; Yokohama, Japan); Open, Fold, Reverse, Close: On Kawara Diagram (Clay), Fujita/Foujita at 11 rue Larrey, Toyota Municipal Museum of Art (2016; Aichi, Japan); Okayama Art Summit 2016, Tenjinyama Cultural Plaza (2016; Japan); PARASOPHIA: Kyoto International Festival of Contemporary Culture 2015, Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art (2015; Japan).

  • “Tatsuo Majima Dances for the 2016 Japanese House of Councillors Election”