Nawa (Aichi Kengei Team initiated by Nara Yoshitomo)

  • Formed 2022 in Aichi, Japan.
  • Based in Aichi, Japan.

Nawa (Aichi Kengei Team initiated by Nara Yoshitomo) is a collective of students and young artists associated with Aichi University of the Arts (shortened to “Kengei”), Nara Yoshitomo’s alma mater. The formation of Nawa (Japanese for “rope”) was inspired by Aichi Triennale 2022’s theme “STILL ALIVE” and the historical “Three Unifiers of Japan,” suggested by participating artist Nara Yoshitomo. The young members of the collective will use their different sensibilities to explore new ideas related to these themes and attempt an artistic practice that integrates their diverse forms of expression. By tying together different strands of creative expression, Nawa will unite the story of the fabled Three Heroes with the present.