Pablo Dávila

  • Born 1983 in Mexico City, Mexico.
  • Based in Mexico City, Mexico.

In his multidisciplinary works, Pablo Dávila takes as a starting point the traditional artistic media to question how they reflect the social construction of space and time. In his installations, the Mexico City-based artist excavates a space for interference and ambiguity through forms both pared-down and rich with an immediate sensorial experience.

His practice explores sentience and subjectivity through investigations in perception, space and time consciousness. His practice takes many shapes — encompassing video, electronics, light installation, photography, conceptual painting and site-specific interventions. His work traverses the space in between sensory perception and cognitive understanding. His poetic gestures trigger a questioning of our expectations in dealing with the passing of time, and the psychological lens with which we process events in our memory. His work is informed by science, music, poetry, cognitive sciences and physical phenomena, so as to delve into notions of perception, the fleeting nature of time and historical interpretations.

His works have been exhibited at Museo Tamayo, Mexico City; Museum of Contemporary Art, Monterrey; José Garcia, México City and Mérida; The Pill, Istanbul; Travesía Cuatro, Guadalajara; and Paul Kasmin, New York, amongst others.

  • Transference Harmonies (Armonías de transferencia), 2020
  • Courtesy of the artist