Prinz Gholam

  • Began collaboration in 2001 and based in Berlin, Germany.
  • Wolfgang Prinz, born 1969 in Leutkirch, Germany.
  • Michel Gholam, born 1963 in Beirut, Lebanon.

The artist duo Prinz Gholam consists of Wolfgang Prinz and Michel Gholam. Working together since 2001, they have developed an artistic practice based on performative and collaborative processes that result in live performances, videos, and installations incorporating drawings, objects, photographs, and text. Their work is an ongoing attempt to reactivate, relocate, and negotiate the self and the body between their cultural constructs and the world in which we live.

Their work manifests itself consciously and purposely under the influence of cultural paradigms. In their performances, their physical activity as two contemporary individuals generates both psychological and physical issues. Coming from two different cultures, the duo elicits questions of age, character, education, social background, and geographical origin.

Major presentations of their work have been held at Mattatoio (2021; Rome, Italy) and documenta 14 (2017; Athens, Greece and Kassel, Germany)

  • L’esprit de notre temps (Viale San Paolo del Brasile, Rome), 2021
  • © Prinz Gholam