Shōjō Collective

“Clan Research”

Led by full-time artist Yamamoto Takayuki, who will also be involved with Aichi Triennale 2022 as a learning curator, the Shōjō Collective has initiated a project focusing on Shōjō,* lifesize dolls that can be seen at festivals in the southern part of Aichi Prefecture. In addition to planning events during the festival period, the Collective is also developing a series of programs, including research and production of the Shōjō. In collaboration with the Aichi Children’s Center, workshops were held at children’s centres across the prefecture to make Shōjō.

* Shōjō refers to a lifesize doll that appears at local festivals mostly held in fall in Midori-Ward(Narumi and Arimatsu), Minami-Ward(Kasadera), Tokai City, Obu City, Toyoake City, as well as other areas of Nagoya City in Aichi Prefecture. The manner in which the dolls are manipulated differs depending upon the region and the epoch, but it is believed that the Shōjō strode through festival crowds, chasing the children in attendance, beating or patting them with a stick they held in their hand, in order to wish them good health and good fortune.

  • Shōjōs from the Kasadera Shōjō Preservation Society