Ura Ayaka+Koyama Yuya

“Measure it by Yourself, Get in Between, Break Out”

This program is designed for teenagers and the twenty-somethings who visit art exhibitions, and view artworks and their contexts, and who seek to express themselves artistically as a way for thinking for themselves.
They will learn to ask: what is society and how does it relate to them? They will learn how to “do their own thing,” by observing and presenting artworks in urban settings and in museums, evaluating relationships, and observing how they fit into those relationships. During the Triennale, participants will organize and hold workshops.

Ura and Koyama are both based in Kanagawa Prefecture and have been researching and presenting their respective works in a variety of learning and educational contexts. They have conducted workshops and classes at venues such as CSLAB at Tokyo Zokei University, “Ongoing School” at the Art Center Ongoing, Tokyo, “Meet the Artists” at the Mori Art Museum, Tokyo.

Ura Ayaka

  • Born 1992 in Kanagawa, Japan.
  • Based in Kanagawa, Japan.

In addition to examining the nature of social gatherings, she has organized numerous workshops and other participatory works. She has also been involved in the project management for “female artists meeting,” a network for women in the art world, and is the administrator of the CSLAB.

  • Difference and discrimination, nothing to do with each other, disconnected, a different job (salty ice cream shop), 2019

Koyama Yuya

  • Born 1989 in Saitama, Japan.
  • Based in Kanagawa, Japan.

By extracting from and combining observations of how we interact, he has been exploring the future through visualizing and deconstructing the body that is dependent upon existing frameworks.

  • Walking Together / About Labor and Leisure, 2018