Yhonnie Scarce

  • Born 1973 in Woomera, Australia.
  • Based in Melbourne, Australia.

Born from the family of Aboriginal people Kokatha and Nukunu, Yhonnie Scarce’s interdisciplinary practice explores the political nature and aesthetic qualities of glass and photography. Her work references the ongoing effects of colonization on Aboriginal people; in particular the impact of the removal and relocation of Aboriginal people from their homelands and the forcible removal of Aboriginal children from their families. Family history is central to Scarceʼs work, drawing on the strength of her ancestors, she offers herself as a conduit, sharing their significant stories from the past. Recent solo and group exhibitions include Exposure: Native Art and Political Ecology (2022; IAIA Museum of Contemporary Native Arts, Santa Fe, USA), Yhonnie Scarce: Missile Park (2021; Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne, and Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane, Australia), Looking Glass: Judy Watson and Yhonnie Scarce (2020; Tarrawarra Museum of Art, Melbourne, and Flinders University Museum of Art, Adelaide, Australia).

  • Clould Chamber, 2020 [detail]
  • Installation view at TarraWarra Museum of Art, Australia
  • Photo: Andrew Curtis Image courtesy of the artist and THIS IS NO FANTASY