Yokono Asuka

  • Born 1987 in Aichi, Japan.
  • Based in Aichi, Japan.

Yokono Asuka paints a wide range of motifs in oils, including public buildings such as dams and highways, and everyday objects such as pots and vases. She is interested in how people see things and feel the space, which she expresses using the basic elements of painting: composition, touch, the layering of paints and colors, and so on.

Recent exhibitions include Azamino Contemporary Vol.10 Reality in a Square, Yokohama Civic Art Gallery Azamino (2019; Kanagawa, Japan); SETO Contemporary Art Exhibition, Seto site building (2019; Aichi, Japan); combination, See Saw gallery + hibit (2018; Aichi, Japan); and Inconvenient sight, GALLERY ZERO (2018; Osaka, Japan).

  • Highway landscape, 2019