The lecture series that have been conducted since 2021 covering topics such as Aichi, art history, and art festivals are currently available online. During Aichi Triennale 2022 lectures by participating artists and curators will be given and events to discuss the future of learning will also be held.

Art History Classes Taught by Artists

This lecture program will offer an insight into the history of art from the perspective of internationally renowned artists. In addition to deepening our understanding of individual artworks, we will also discover the connections between them, and develop our ability to read the history of art as a narrative viewed from a variety of perspectives.

  • Part 1:
    Majima Tatsuo (artist)

  • Part 2:
    Okada Yuko (contemporary artist)

  • Part 3:
    supplementary lecture by Soma Chiaki (Performing Arts Curator, Aichi Triennale 2022)

  • Part 4:
    Morimura Yasumasa (artist)

Unraveling the Art Festivals: Modernization and the Expo, the Olympics, and Arts Festivals

This program is designed to take a historical and critical look at major present-day international events such as the Expo and the Olympics through the prism of modernization, which have culminated with the evolution of the art festival. Across a series of lectures by specialists in various fields such as sociology, urbanism, and history, we will consider the ideal form for an art festival.

  • Part 1:
    Yoshimi Toshiya (sociologist)

  • Part 2:
    Tsujita Masanori (critic, researcher of modern and contemporary history)

  • Part 3:
    Haizea Barcenilla (curator, critic)