Aichi Triennale 2019 Talk HO Tzu Nyen (AT2019 artist) x ASADA Akira (Thinker)

talk-ENG.pngDate & Time: 14:00 - 16:00, Sunday 13 October
Venue: Small hall,Toyota Industrial & Cultural Center
Admission Fee: Free*With Japanese-English consecutive interpretation
**Seats are limited up to 200 on first-come-first-served basis: Numbered tickets distribution will start at 12:30 in front of the talk venue.Outline:
HO Tzu Nyen, a Singapore based artist who is exhibiting his new work of the video installation, will have a talk with ASADA Akira who is doing critical activities covering broad topics from thought, art philosophy, art, film to architecture.
HO's work is exhibited at Kirakutei, an old Japanese-inn and one of the venue of the Aichi Triennale in Toyota city, and dealing with the stories of people in wartime period such as pilots from Kamikaze Special Attack Unit who used to stay here, thinkers or cultural figures of the time.