Additional Selection of Participating Artists for Aichi Triennale 2022

  • February 15, 2022

February 15, 2022 Aichi, Japan - The Aichi Triennale 2022 announced the additional selection of artists/groups for its fifth edition running July 30, 2022 through October 10, 2022. In addition to the 22 artists/groups initially announced back in August 2021, 55 artists/groups were newly selected for the Contemporary Art Program. The participating artists include Leonor Antunes, Arakawa and Madeline Gins, Kader Attia, Cao Fei, Theaster Gates, Yuki Kihara, Barry Mcgee, Delcy Morelos, Nara Yoshitomo, Tuan Andrew Nguyen, Roman Ondak, Gabriel Orozco, Prinz Gholam, Sasamoto Aki, Shiota Chiharu, Yee I-Lann, and more. In the coming months, a few more artists/groups will be added to the final list of the Contemporary Art Program, and the details of the Performing Arts Program and Learning Program will be announced as well.

Artists were selected based on the theme STILL ALIVE, which was inspired by the artwork series I Am Still Alive by the Aichi-born conceptual artist On Kawara. Artists of the same generation as On Kawara include Marcel Broodthaers, Lothar Baumgarten, Shiomi Mieko, etc. However, the overall generation of the artists is from 1938 to 1996, and the ratio of male to female artists will be the same. Approximately 60% of the artwork will be newly commissioned for the Aichi Triennale 2022. Artists will respond to the theme of STILL ALIVE and the history of Aichi Prefecture, especially in the Ichinomiya City, Tokoname City, and the Arimatsu area.

The announced 77 artists/groups are from 31 countries/regions spread among the five continents; Asia Pacific, Europe, North America, South America, and Africa. More than half of the overseas artists will exhibit their works for the first time in Japan.

Participating Artists as of Feb 15th, 2022
Artist biographies are available here.

* Newly announced.
ADACHI Tomomi [Japan | Germany]*
Hoda AFSHAR [Iran | Australia]
AKI INOMATA [Japan | Japan]*
Liliana ANGULO CORTÉS [Columbia | Columbia]
Leonor ANTUNES [Portugal | Germany]*
ARAKAWA and Madeline GINS [Japan/USA | USA]*
Kader ATTIA [France | Germany]*
Lothar BAUMGARTEN [Germany | Germany/USA]*
Diedrick BRACKENS [USA | USA]*
Robert BREER [USA | France/USA]*
Marcel BROODTHAERS [Belgium | Belgium/Germany/UK]*
CAO Fei [China | China]*
Jacobus CAPONE [Australia | Australia]
Kate COOPER [UK | UK/Netherlands]
Pablo DÁVILA [Mexico | Mexico]*
Claudia DEL RÍO [Argentina | Argentina]*
Mary DHAPALANY [Australia | Australia]
ENDO Kaori [Japan | Japan]
Theaster GATES [USA | USA]*
HAN Ishu [China | Japan]
HATTORI Bunsho+ISHIKAWA Ryuichi [Japan | Japan]*
Nikau HINDIN [Aotearoa New Zealand | Aotearoa New Zealand]*
HSU Chia-Wei [Taiwan | Taiwan]*
ISHIGURO Kenichi [Japan | Japan]*
Mit JAI INN [Thailand| Thailand]*
Jackie KARUTI [Kenya | Kenya]*
On KAWARA [Japan | USA]
Yuki KIHARA [Sāmoa | Sāmoa]*
Byron KIM [USA | USA]
KISHIMOTO Sayako [Japan | Japan]*
KODERA Yoshikazu [Japan | Japan]*
KOIE Ryoji [Japan | Japan]*
André KOMATSU [Brazil | Brazil]
Abdoulaye KONATÉ [Mali | Mali]*
KONDO Aki [Japan | Japan]*
Daisuke KOSUGI [Japan | Norway]
KURODA Daisuke [Japan | Japan]*
Glenda LEÓN [Cuba | Spain]*
Nyakallo MALEKE [South Africa | South Africa]*
Micheck MASAMVU [Zimbabwe | Zimbabwe]
MASUYAMA Kazuaki [Japan | Japan]*
Barry MCGEE [USA | USA]*
mirukusouko(Milk Warehouse)+The Coconuts [Japan | Japan]*
MIWA Mitsuko [Japan | Japan]
MIYATA Asuka [Japan | Japan]*
Mohammed Sami [Iraq | UK]
MOMOSE Aya [Japan | Japan]
Delcy MORELOS [Columbia | Columbia]*
MUKAI Eriko [Japan | Japan]*
NARA Yoshitomo [Japan | Japan]*
Tuan Andrew NGUYEN [Vietnam | Vietnam]*
OBANA Kenichi [Japan | Japan]*
OIZUMI Kazufumi [Japan | Japan]*
OKUMURA Yuki [Japan | Belgium/Netherlands]
Roman ONDAK [Slovakia | Slovakia]*
ONOZAWA Shun [Japan | Japan]*
Gabriel OROZCO [Mexico | Japan/Mexico]*
Kaz OSHIRO [Japan | USA]
Thierry OUSSOU [Benin | Netherlands]*
Rita PONCE DE LEÓN [Peru | Mexico]*
PRINZ GHOLAM [Germany/Lebanon | Germany]
Jimmy ROBERT [Guadeloupe, France | Germany]*
Florencia SADIR [Argentina | Argentina]*
SANADA Takehiko [Japan | Japan]
Fanny SANÍN [Colombia | USA]*
SASAMOTO Aki [Japan | USA]
Yhonnie SCARCE [Australia | Australia]*
SHIOMI Mieko [Japan | Japan]*
SHIOTA Chiharu [Japan | Germany]
TAMURA Yuichiro [Japan | Japan]*
WAGO Ryoichi [Japan | Japan]*
WATANABE Atsushi [Japan | Japan]*
Watermelon Sisters [Taiwan/Singapore | Taiwan/Germany]*
Kaylene WHISKEY [Australia | Australia]*
YEE I-Lann [Malaysia | Malaysia]*
YOKONO Asuka [Japan | Japan]

*Artist Name [Place of Birth | Activity]. In principle, the artists are listed in alphabetical order according to their family names. However, the order of several artists' family names and given names varies depending on the conventions used in their respective home country, or on the artist's own preference.