ARAKAWA and Madeline Gins

  • ARAKAWA Born in 1936 in Aichi, Japan; lived and worked in New York, USA; died in 2010 in New York, USA.
  • Madeline Gins Born in 1941 in New York, USA; lived and worked in New York, USA; died in 2014 in New York, USA.

The artist ARAKAWA and the poet Madeline Gins collaborated as “coordinologists”, a term they coined to describe creators unifying the field of philosophy, art, and science. From his early sculptures to diagram paintings, and later in architecture together with Gins, Arakawa continually searched for various ways to perceive the world by creating environments centered around the body. Along with their major works The Mechanism of Meaning (1963‒) and The Bridge of Reversible Destiny (1973 ‒ 89), Arakawa and Madeline Gins are known for their architectural works Ubiquitous Site, Nagi’s Ryoanji, Architectural Body at the Nagi Museum of Contemporary Art, Okayama (1994), Site of Reversible Destiny—Yoro, Gifu (1995), and Reversible Destiny Lofts — Mitaka (In Memory of Helen Keller), Tokyo (2005), among others.

Major exhibitions include: The Exhibition of Shusaku Arakawa (1979 ; The Seibu Museum of Art, Tokyo); Constructing the Perceiver—Arakawa: Experimental Works (toured Japan in 1991 ‒ 92 ; The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, etc.), Reversible Destiny—Arakawa/Gins (1997; Guggenheim Museum, New York, USA).

  • The Process in Question/Bridge of Reversible Destiny, 1973 – 89
  • Photo: Norihiro Ueno
  • © 2016 Estate of Madeline Gins. Reproduced with permission of the Estate of Madeline Gins.