Oizumi Kazufumi

  • Born 1964 in Miyagi, Japan.
  • Based in Aichi, Japan.

Since 1991, in addition to producing three-dimensional computer models of unbuilt architecture, Oizumi Kazufumi has also been creating automated drawing machines and large-scale interactive installation works. Oizumi works with the spaces in which his works are exhibited and sets up temporary walkways and stages to invite the audience into the experience. His work is remarkable for the physical movement of its individual elements, best exemplified by his drawing machines, and Oizumi has garnered critical attention for his unique aesthetic designs and his intricate hand-made details created by processing aluminum and acrylic.

Oizumiʼs recent solo exhibitions were held at Standing Pine (2020; Aichi, Japan) and N-Mark 5G (2019/2018; Aichi, Japan). He also participated in group shows like Ars Electronica 2019 (Linz, Austria), the Kobe Biennale 2007 (Hyogo, Japan), and others.

  • movable bridge / BH 2.0, 2019
  • Courtesy of the artist