On artworks to be withdrawn or changed as of August 20th (Announced on Aug 17)

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Announced in Japanese on Aug 17, 2019
Translated and published in English on Aug 20, 2019

Following discussions between the Aichi Triennale Organizing Committee and individual artists who requested the withdrawal of their work, certain exhibits will be temporarily suspended as of August 20th.

Artworks by the artists below will no longer be on display in their original forms.

The 11 artists who have requested the suspension of their exhibits so far are listed below, along with the manner in which the artworks have been/will be suspended.

Artists suspending their exhibits

Aichi Arts Center
 Tania Bruguera    Closure of exhibition room
 Pia Camil       Alteration of exhibit
 Regina José Galindo Alteration of exhibit
 Claudia Martínez Garay   Alteration of exhibit
 Dora García      Alteration of exhibit
 Javier Téllez     Closure of exhibition room

Nagoya City Art Museum
 Dora García      Alteration of exhibit
 Mónica Mayer    Alteration of exhibit

Toyota Municipal Museum of Art
 Reynier Leyva Novo Alteration of exhibit

Artists who have already suspended their exhibits

Aichi Arts Center
 Lim Minouk
 Park Chan-kyong

Pending further discussion
Aichi Arts Center
 Ugo Rondinone
(*It was confirmed on August 20th that the work by Ugo Rondinone will continue to be exhibited.)

* CIR (The Center for Investigative Reporting) requested the withdrawal of its artwork, which has been suspended accordingly.
* The administrative office and the "Freedom of Expression?" Organizing Committee will continue to deliberate on the best way forward regarding "After 'Freedom of Expression?'"
* The nature of the temporary suspension varies from artist to artist (closure of the exhibition room, alteration of the exhibited content, etc.). We will notify you in due course regarding measures that are as yet undecided.